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Theology Courses  

200 Level Foundation Courses (Group I)

One of these must be taken as the students' first Theology course.

THL 200- Foundations of Theology

THL 210- Biblical Theology

THL 220- New Testament: Literature and Theology

THL 240- Theology of St. Thomas

THL 270- Growth in Christian Life

300 Level Courses (Group II)

One of these must be taken as the students' second Theology course.

Biblical Theology

THL 312- Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures

THL 314- The Prophets

THL 322- The Synoptic Gospels

THL 328- The Letters of St. Paul

Historical Theology

THL 330- Early Christian Doctrine

THL 326- Reformation Theology

THL 342- American Religious Experience

THL 346- Contemporary Christian Thought

Systematic Theology

THL 350- Christ, Word, and Redeemer

THL 352- Theology of the Human Person

THL 354- Church in Today's World

THL 358- The Church and the Major World Religions

THL 362- The Sacraments

Moral and Spiritual Theology

THL 370- Principles of Moral Decision

THL 372- Contemporary Moral Problems

THL 376- Catholic Social Thought

THL 378- Grace, Virtues, Gifts, Charisms

THL 380- Prayer and the Liturgical Life

THL 382- The Sacraments and Social Living

THL 386- Marriage: A Theological Approach

400 Level Courses

These courses are available for students who have taken a 200 and a 300-level course.

THL 416- Old Testament Wisdom Literature

THL 420- The Resurrection of Jesus

THL 442- Advanced Study of St. Thomas

THL 452- Mystery of God

THL 460- Theology of Redemption

Catholic and Dominican

What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
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