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Winter Storm Alert- Monday February 8, 2016

All Providence College classes, including evening classes, are cancelled for Monday, February 8th, due to inclement weather.
For more information and updates, please go to​​

The weather line can be reached at 401-865-1012.

​2013-14 Undergraduate Research Grants

​Student ​Major ​Mentor ​Project Title
Anish Agrawal '15


​Stephen Mecca

​Microflush Valve Production Prototype and Mold Fabrication with 3-D Printing
​​Matthew Avenoso '14 ​Biology and  Psychology ​Pamela Snodgrass-Belt ​How altering circadian input changes circadian oscillation markers
​Charles Best '14 ​Biology ​Yinsheng Wan ​Translocation of SODs protects from doxorubicin-induced nuclear damage in ovarian cancer cells
​Michaela Brown '16 ​Biology ​Marla Tipping ​Determining the Role of IDH1 in Glioma Formation and Metabolic Reprogramming
​Jenna Buccetti '16 ​Biology ​Marla Tipping ​Fruit Fly Cloning to Examine IDH1 Mutation in Arginine 134
​Brendan Carroll '15 ​Biochemistry ​John Breen ​Thiocyanate Detection in a Fish Tank
​Sarah Cote '14 ​Psychology & Spanish ​Eliane Boucher ​A Comparison of Ethnic Majority and Minority Students in a Predominately White, Private Institution
​Alexandra Cribbin '14 ​Psychology ​Jennifer Van Reet ​Guidelines vs. Non-Guidelines:  The Relationship Between Creativity and Stress
​Jennifer Cyr '15 ​Biology ​Elisabeth Arevalo ​A Tale of Two Species: Do Tropical Polistes Wasps Exhibit Less Variability than Temperate Ones?
​Elizabeth DeGaray '15 ​Physics/ Secondary Education ​Stephen Mecca ​Bringing Literacy Improvement Technology to the Neediest Rural Schools
​Cristina Fernandez '14 ​Biology & Spanish ​Cristina Cummings ​Cul3 May Act as a Tumor Suppressor in Mouse Mammary Epithelium
​Leah Furney '14 ​Pre-Engineering, Mathematics ​Stephen Mecca ​Microflush Toilet Filter Studies/Hand washing Solution
​Meghan Gallo '16 ​Psychology  ​Pamela Snodgrass-Belt ​Altering Circadian Input Affects on Corticosterone and Serotonin
​Ryan Garrity '16 ​Biology ​Yinsheng Wan ​Modulation of metabolic pathways in ovarian cancer cells
Michael Giso '15 ​Chemistry ​John Breen ​Interactions with Cytochrome c and Polymerized Lipids
​Jennifer Giulietti '15 ​Biochemistry & Biology ​Seann Mulcahy ​Biological Evaluation of Eudistomin U and Derivatives
​Kathryn Graf '14 ​Psychology ​Jennifer Van Reet ​The Role of Inhibitory Control on Abstract Problem Solving Abilities
​Kaitlin Hill '15 ​Pre-Engineering ​Stephen Mecca ​Facility and Appendix Components for the Microflush Toilet
​Justin Iadarola '15 ​Pre-Engineering ​Stephen Mecca ​Disinfection of Blackwater Using Urine
​Alicia Jancevski '15 ​Chemistry and Biochemistry ​Kathleen Cornely ​The Isolation and Characterization of ZoeJ, a K2 Cluster Mycobacteriophage
​Michael Kondik '14 ​Biology ​Cristina Cummings ​Cul3 May Act as a Tumor Suppressor in Mammary Epithelium
​Thomas Koulopoulos '15 ​Applied Physics ​Stephen Mecca ​Instrumentation of Microflush Digester
​Emily Labattaglia '15 ​Pre-Engineering ​Stephen Mecca ​The Potential of Slow Sand Filters for the Disinfection of Blackwater from a Microflush Toilet Microflush
​Eric Lebel '15 ​Biochemistry & Music ​Kathleen Cornely ​Isolation, Characterization and Annotation of Novel Mycobacteriophages: A Possible Therapeutic Strategy
​Julia McDonald '14 ​Psychology  ​Pamela Snodgrass-Belt ​How altering circadian input changes circadian oscillation markers
​Erin O'Donnell '15 ​​Biology  ​Joseph DeGiorgis ​The Highly Conserved C-Terminus and Transmembrane Domain of the Amyloid Precursor Protein of Alzheimer's Disease is Found in Highly Divergent Species
​Jonathon Sawyer '14 ​Biochemistry ​Jay Pike ​A New Method to Label Peptides with Fluorophores
​Melissa Scott '14 ​Spanish and Political Science ​Allison Caplan ​Yo, siguiendo el camino de Santa Teresa (I, Walking the Path of St. Teresa)
​​Ryan Siegel '14 ​Biology  ​Pamela Snodgrass-Belt ​​How altering circadian input changes circadian oscillation markers
​James Stevenson '14 ​Biology ​Joseph DeGiorgis ​Cloning and Overexpression of Squid Amyloid Precursor Protein and Myosin VI
​Cayla Stifler '16 ​Applied Physics ​Stephen Mecca ​Modeling Dust Flow and the Impact of Different Barriers
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