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Breakfast of Champions

Do you want to be a better leader or develop new leadership skills, but just don’t think you have the time? Do you enjoy starting off your day with a good breakfast? Do you want to have credible leadership training to put on your resume? How about combining both breakfast and leadership training to get your semester and your career on track?

The program is aptly named "Breakfast of Champions". Each spring, guest speakers will meet with students over breakfast for a workshop, lecture, or other initiative.  Sessions will be held over an eight week period, and breakfast will be provided by the SAIL Office.  Students who attend 7 sessions will earn a Bronze Lifelong Leadership Certificate; those who attend 14 sessions will earn a Silver Lifelong Leadership Certificate; and those who attend 21 or more sessions will receive a Gold Lifelong Leadership Certificate.  In addition, incentive prizes and raffle prizes are given out throughout the program. All certificates are awarded in April at our annual Student Recognition Ceremony.  For those participants who do not have the time to complete the program this year, the program will continue into next year and attendance at sessions will be cumulative.

Sign-ups for Breakfast of Champions 2013 will take place in January in the SAIL Office.  The program will begin Wednesday, February 6th at 9:30am in McPhail's.

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