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Horizons is a program that includes a weekend retreat in the Fall semester as well as a year long informal mentoring opportunity for first year students ("Blue Birds") to spend time with upper class students (“Red Robins”), to build relationships with their peers, to build cultural competence through intercultural interaction and to create a network of support for their time at Providence College. 
At the retreat, there will be a challenge (ropes) course, group activities, individual reflection, films, personal stories, and staff presentations. It is our commitment that students are given the tools to navigate and acclimate to the campus culture while maintaining their identity and cultural values.

Students fill out an on-line registration form and submit a modest fee in September to hold their spot. Fees will be returned to students after the retreat. Students are accepted to participate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There is a leadership team of two to four student coordinators who work with the Director of the Student Multicultural Activities Office to plan the retreat and year-round programs. All registered Providence College students may apply to be a coordinator for the Horizons leadership team.

Goals and Objectives

  • To foster relationships amongst students at Providence College.
  • To help connect students with different on-campus resources that will ease their transition into college.
  • To give upperclass students the opportunity to express their personal and college experiences through mentor relationships with incoming first year students.
  • To give upperclass students the opportunity to become leaders while also giving incoming first year students a glimpse of ways that they too can become leaders.
  • To create an open environment for students of all cultural backgrounds to freely engage in discussions about cultural and racial prejudices that exist in society.
  • To give students the opportunity to gain the skills that will help them navigate through the Providence College community as under-represented students. 

Who to contact: 

Horton Sears '13,
Jessica Ho '14,
Samantha Jules,
Testimonials from 2011 Participants:
Brian Johnson, Jr. '15: The Horizons Retreat, for the most part, was a success.  I was able to build a bond with everyone that decided to join us...What's Race Got to Do with It? was good movie that showed the different views of the world through the eyes of people with different backgrounds.  Most of us could have related to their stories...Now when I walk around campus and I see the people I made a connection with on this [retreat], I do more than just smile and wave, but actually go up to them and speak to them about either their day, or give them pointers on the exam that I just took.  My overall experience was great and I would recommend it to future PC students. 
Chastity Mathurin '15: I truly enjoyed the topics and the objections of Horizons. They helped me understand how to survive Providence College as a student of color (“What’s race Got to Do with It?” video). Horizons made me realize that I have a support system that I can trust (the trust game) and that there are others that have been through the same circumstances as me.
Alfredo Gonzalez '15:...By far one of the most memorable aspects about Horizons is how intimately I got to know all the people there. We were all able to relate to one another as everyone shared some of their deep personal experiences and some of the obstacles that they had encountered as a result of their background or race. We sat in a circle and talked about the stereotypes that we had heard other people used, and the effects that these stereotypes had on us and those around us. We did a really creative round of tough questions, where everyone stood under the answer they identified with the most and explained why they had chosen that answer. I feel like these activities brought use closer together, because it made us aware that we weren't the only one going through these experiences. By the end of these activities, we were no longer a group of strangers, but a group of friends.
Catholic and Dominican

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