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Slavin Information Ticket Office

Slavin Center Upper Lobby
401-865-2444 (General Information)
Hours:  8:30am-11pm Monday-Friday, 9:30am-11pm Saturday-Saturday

The Slavin Center Information Ticket Office regularly serves members of the Providence College community and visitors to our campus. Much like the S.A.I.L. Office, people call the Information Desk because they are unsure of whom to call for an answer or are frustrated in their search for information.

Slavin Information responsibilities include:

  • overseeing Wii supplies and games
  • selling tickets to campus activities
  • distributing campus directory information
  • providing local and national transportation information
  • contacting students regarding perishable deliveries
  • maintaining the student office key box
  • providing campus-wide event information
  • providing supervision of the facility in the evening hours
  • and acting as a resource for all calls and visitors requiring information about Providence College or the surrounding city

Deliveries: All flowers, balloons, and Edible Arrangements addressed to resident students are delivered to the Information Desk. The student is contacted as soon as the delivery arrives.

Transportation: Information Staff at the desk are available to assist in accessing information regarding buses, trains, taxicabs, and the campus shuttle or you can visit the Transportation page of our website.

Ticket Sales Request Form:  For clubs and organizations wishing to sell tickets for an event, please fill out the online ticket sales request form.

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