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Winter Storm Alert- Tuesday January 27, 2015

​All classes are cancelled and College offices are closed. A decision regarding Wednesday will be made by Tuesday afternoon. Go for more information.

The weather line can be reached at 401-865-1012.

Funding and Fundraising

The following policies and procedures apply to student fundraising:

•    All fundraising efforts organized by students must be affiliated with a club or organization, department, or academic class.

•    All fundraisers run by students must be approved by the SAIL Office. Students must complete and return a “Fundraising, Raffle, Sales or Solicitation Request Form” to the SAIL Office at least two weeks prior to any fundraising activity. The SAIL Office reserves the right to limit the number of fundraising activities held in a given week.

•    Students may not solicit bars, liquor stores, strip clubs, or other similar establishments for raffle prizes, giveaways, location or sponsorship of their fundraising efforts.

•    Proceeds from ticket sales to an event may never be used as charitable donations. Students may, however, offer that attendees optionally donate an additional sum of money to a charity when purchasing event tickets. The choice of charity needs to be approved in advance by the SAIL Office at least two weeks prior to any fundraising activity. In addition, no money allocated to a campus club or organization may be donated to a charitable foundation or cause.

•    Students must never keep fundraising funds in their residence hall room, apartment, car, or club office space. Any funds acquired should be deposited into a student organization’s agency account during business hours, or placed in the SAIL Office or McPhail’s safes for safekeeping overnight. Agency accounts are accessible through the Office of the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

•    Students desiring to hold a raffle on campus must have prior approval and permission from the Office of the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Administration.
Catholic and Dominican

What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
About Providence College's Catholic and Dominican Identity