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The advisor/advisee relationship varies greatly from group to group. Therefore, it is important to meet with the student leadership from your organization to best determine the expectations that you have for the group and that they have for you as an advisor. It is recommended that you meet regularly with executive officers to keep well informed. Other strategies for advising success include:

•    Be familiar with the group’s mission and goals

•    Work with executive board members to set new goals as a group each year

•    Regularly attend organization meetings

•    Attend major events put on by the organization

•    Be knowledgeable of campus policies and review them with student leaders each year

•    Ensure that organizational decisions do not violate any campus policies or the group’s constitution

•    Make sure that waivers are completed for trips off-campus or any activities which may pose a physical risk to students (available in the SAIL Office)

•    Sign paperwork necessary for table reservations or fundraising activities

•    Meet with the organization’s treasurer to help establish and maintain a realistic budget

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What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
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