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Recreational Sports

Location: Peterson, 216
Phone: (401) 865-2352
Fax Number: (401) 865-2426

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​Membership Fee Structure

The Fee Structure was developed by the Department of Recreational Sports and approved by the Providence College Cabinet. Faculty, staff, and other individuals may choose to purchase memberships or guest privileges.

Eligible Member
Fall and Spring Semesters
Summer (June – August)
Full-time Undergraduate Student
Free with valid PC ID
Free with valid PC ID
Free with valid PC ID
Full-time Graduate Student and /or Graduate Assistant
$50 per semester
Full-time SCE Student
$50 per semester
Part-time Faculty/Staff ****
Please note that faculty must be teaching in semester membership is purchased
Full-time Faculty/Staff
$100 per semester
$100 per semester
Full-time Faculty/Staff and Retired Faculty/Staff Family*
(Restrictions apply)
$150 for 1st family member, $50 for each additional family member
PC Retired Faculty/Staff
$100 per semester
Dominican Community
Free with valid PC ID
Free with valid PC ID
Free with valid PC ID
Alumna/us **
Guest  Pass ***
(Restrictions apply)
$10 per person/per visit
$10 per person/per visit
$10 per person/per visit

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION membership.form.pdfmembership.form.pdf

:   All full-time faculty and staff are eligible for payroll deduction.  This is on an annual basis only for the time period of September 1-August 31.  Deadline for paperwork to be submitted is 9/10/14.  Deductions will begin in September. 

FULL-TIME FACULTY/STAFF: (Membership valid 9/1-8/31) and is based on discounted annual rate of $225
Monthly: $18.75 (full-time administrative employees; 12 pay periods)
Bi-weekly:  $8.65 (full-time, full year: 26 pay periods)
Academic year: $12.50 (9 and 10 month employees; 18 pay periods)

(memberships valid only 9/1-8/31)
1st Family Member:
Monthly $12.50 (full-time administrative employees, 12 pay periods)
Bi-weekly: $5.77 (full-time/full-year employees, 26 pay periods)
Academic year: $8.33 (9 and 10 month employees; 18 pay periods)

Each additional family member:
Monthly: $4.17 (full-time administrative employees)
Bi-weekly: $1.93 (full-time/full-year employees)
Academic year: $2.77 (9 and 10 month employees)


Membership  Pro-Rate Dates:
We will pro-rate memberships on the following dates:

* October 4th:  25% discount
* November 7th: 50% discount
* December 11th: 75% discount
* January 1st:  Fee will be $10 for remainder of semester (valid until 1/15)

* February 23rd:  25% discount
* March 23rd:  50% discount
* April 26th: 75% discount
* May 18th: Fee will be $10 for the remainder of semester (valid until 5/31)

* July 16th:  50% discount

Use of the varsity weight room is not included in any membership.

Lockers are also available for rent and are $25 per semester or $50 per year.

*Please see General Policies and Regulations for more details.

**Alumni Membership is available for purchase to benefactors based on levels of giving.  To verify your eligibility for membership, please contact the Annual Giving Office at (401) 865-1296.  The $250 Alumni Membership can be purchased through the Providence College Recreational Sports department.  Please note Alumni Memberships are nontransferable and cannot be paid utilizing corporate matching gifts.

***Please see the Guest Pass Section.

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