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Nicholas Longo


Photo of faculty memberProfessor
Department Chairperson, Public & Community Service Studies

Contact Information:
Feinstein Academic Center 315


Ph.D. - Education University of Minnesota

Area(s) of Expertise:

Civic education; engaged learning; community-based learning; deliberative pedagogy; youth political engagement

Awards and Honors:

Early Career Research Award - International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE)

Selected Publications:

Longo, Nicholas., Shaffer, Timothy., Manosevitch, Idit., Thomas, Maxine . (2017). Deliberative Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning for Democratic Engagement. Michigan State University Press.

Longo, Nicholas., Post, Margaret., Ward, Elaine., Saltmarsh, John. (2016). Publicly Engaged Scholars: Next Generation Engagement and the Future of Higher Education. Stylus Publishing.

Longo, Nicholas., Gibson, Cynthia. (2011). From Command to Community: A New Approach to Leadership Education in Colleges and Universities. Tufts University Press.

Longo, Nicholas. (2007). Why Community Matters: Connecting Education with Civic Life. SUNY Press.

Recent Presentations:

Longo, Nicholas., Citizenship Week, Miami University, Hamilton, OH, "Thinking Outside the (Ballot) Box: Building Citizen Leadership for Democracy". September, 2016.

Longo, Nicholas., Campus Compact, Boston, MA, "Paper: Next Generation of Engagement Scholars: Who They Are and How Campuses can Support Them". March, 2016.

Longo, Nicholas., Council on International Educational Exchange, Berlin, Germany, "Session: Service-learning and Collaborative Engagement across Borders: Making Short-term Abroad Impact Last Locally". November, 2015.

Longo, Nicholas., CHED Research Seminar Presentation at Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED), the University of Cape Town, "Collaborative Engagement: A New Paradigm for Teaching and Learning". June, 2015.

Longo, Nicholas., Global Conference on Storytelling, Lisbon, Portugal, "Paper: Community Voices: Stories of Peace and Justice. How to Integrate Meaningful Local and International Partnerships". May, 2014.

Longo, Nicholas., Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), Washington, DC, "Panel: Deppening Civic Learning and Community Engagement: Promising Efforts in Curriculum and Student Leadership Development". January, 2014.

Longo, Nicholas., Association of American Colleges and Universities, Providence, RI, "Presentation: Creating an Open and Global Mind: Case Studies on New England Global Programs, Global Teaching, and Learning". October, 2013.

Longo, Nicholas., Council on International Educational Exchange, Mumbai, India, June, 2013.

Longo, Nicholas., Global University Network for Innovation, Barcelona, Spain, "Visualizing Community and Justice". May, 2013.