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Public Service

​Public and Community Service Studies

​​"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."
​-Steve Jobs

​​​​​​​​​The Department of Public and Community Service Studies strengthens communities by integrating public and community service into the liberal arts curriculum. Believing that service bears witness to religious and ethical values central to the College's mission and is at the heart of a liberal arts education in a democratic society, the department provides an environment for research and reflection on the meaning of public and community service and an educational experience that prepares future leaders for positive change.

WATCH!! PSP major Katrina Lipinski discuss her experience as a PSP major!

Public and Community Service Studies offers introductory courses open to all students at PC, as well as major and minor courses that cover central themes and issues in democratic community, service, and social justice. With rare exceptions, each of these courses require the students to participate in two to four hours per week of community service.

The academic program is built on the pedagogical model of service learning, and nearly all of the courses that the students take in the major integrate service into the course in an intentional way. The service is approached much like a "text" in the course. That is, it forms the basis for a significant part of discussion and reflection in the course. Through the courses​ in the department, students engage in a diverse range of service work including direct service, community organizing, community development, and public policy.

Check out a complete guide for incoming Public and Community Service Studies Majors​! The guide describes the ins and outs of the major, provides a suggested course sequence for students, and much more.​