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Edmund Dain

Associate Professor

Contact Information:
St. Catherine of Siena Hall 139


Ph.D. - Cardiff University

Area(s) of Expertise:

I work on various issues in the philosophy of Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, and Ethics/Metaethics, with additional interests in Ancient Greek Literature & Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science. Students wishing to pursue an Independent Study in any of the above areas are very welcome to contact me.

Awards and Honors:

Leif Eiriksson Research Fellowship - Research Council of Norway/University of Bergen (2014)
Editor, "Ludwig Wittgenstein" leaf category (2013-) - PhilPapers
Werner and Elizabeth Leinfeller Award for Best Paper - Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society (2012)

Selected Publications:

Dain, Edmund. (2015). Review of Chon Tejedor, The Early WIttgenstein on Metaphysics, Natural Science, Language and Value. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews,

Dain, Edmund. (2014). Eliminating Ethics: Wittgenstein, Ethics, and the Limits of Sense. Philosophical Topics, forthcoming

Dain, Edmund. (2012). Ethical Eliminativism and the Sense of Wittgenstein's Tractatus. Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, 35, 49-50.

Dain, Edmund. (2012). Projection and Pretence in Ethics. Philosophical Papers, 41 (2), 180-208.

Dain, Edmund., Conant, James. (2011). Throwing the Baby Out. Beyond the Tractatus Wars, Routledge., 66-83.

Dain, Edmund. (2008). Wittgenstein, Contextualism and Nonsense. Journal of Philosophical Research, 33, 101-125.

Recent Presentations:

Dain, Edmund., Xth National / VIIth International Wittgenstein Symposium: Wittgenstein, Knowledge and Skepticism, University of Campinas, Brazil, "An Attitude towards a Soul: Wittgenstein on Belief in Other Minds". October, 2015.

Dain, Edmund., A Science of the Soul? Philosophy, Ethics, & the Mind, University of Helsinki, Finland, "An Attitude Towards a Soul: Wittgenstein, Other Minds, and the Mind". October, 2014.

Dain, Edmund., University of Bergen, Norway, "Ethics Without Propositions". May, 2014.

Dain, Edmund., The Wittgenstein Workshop, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, "Eliminating Ethics". October, 2013.

Dain, Edmund., Communication Breakdowns in Philosophy, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Study, University of Helsinki, Finland, "Communication Breakdowns: A Response". May, 2013.

Dain, Edmund., The Importance of Ordinary Language Philosophy, Nordic Wittgenstein Society, Abo Akademi, Turku, Finland, "The Normativities of Meaning". May, 2013.

Dain, Edmund., Wittgenstein in Relation to Philosophical Traditions, Lichtenberg Kolleg, University of Goettingen, Germany, "Wittgenstein, Ethics, and the Limits of Sense". May, 2013.

Dain, Edmund., 35th International Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium , Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria, "Ethical Eliminativism and the Sense of Wittgenstein's Tractatus". August, 2012.

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