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Christopher Arroyo


Photo of faculty memberAssociate Professor

Contact Information:
Phillips Memorial Library 207


Ph.D. - Fordham University

Area(s) of Expertise:

My area of specialization is Kant's moral philosophy. Recently, however, I have been working on the ethics of same-sex marriage, and I have research interests in Catholic sexual ethics more generally.

Selected Publications:

Arroyo, Christopher. Is the Same-sex Marriage Debate Really Just about Marriage. Journal of Applied Philosophy,, 18. Wiley Blackwell.

Arroyo, Christopher. In Armen T. Marsoobian. (Ed.) Freedom and the Source of Value: Korsgaard and Wood on Kant's Formula of Humanity. Metaphilosophy42 (4 (2011)), 353-359.

Arroyo, Christopher. In Elliot D. Cohen. (Ed.) Same-Sex Marriage, 'Homosexual Desire,' and the Capacity to Love. International Journal of Applied Philosophy25 (2 (2011)), 171-186.

Arroyo, Christopher. Kant on the Emotion of Love. European Journal of Philosophyforthcoming Wiley Blackwell.

Recent Presentations:

Arroyo, Christopher., Wheaton College Philosophy Department Colloquium, Wheaton College Philosophy Department, Wheaton College, Norton, MA, "Can Kant Teach Us Anything in the Same-sex Marriage Debate?". November, 2014.

Arroyo, Christopher., Pacific Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, San Diego, California, "Sex, Procreation & the Conjugal View of Marriage: A Critique". April, 2014.

Arroyo, Christopher., Association for Practical & Professional Ethics , Jacksonville, Florida, "Is the Same-sex Marriage Debate Really Just about Marriage?". March, 2014.

Arroyo, Christopher., Northern New England Philosophical Association, St. Michael's College, ""The Experience of Duty & the Kingdom of Ends: A Reply to Anscombe's Critique of Kant's Ethics"". October, 2011.

Arroyo, Christopher., Association for Practical & Professional Ethics, Cincinnati, OH, "Desire and Complementarity: A Critique of An Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage". March, 2011.

Arroyo, Christopher., Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium, Bridgetown, Barbados, "Same-Sex Marriage, 'Homosexual Desire', and the Capacity to Love". November, 2010.

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