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​Band / Instrumental Student Profiles 

Student Band and Instrumental Experience at PC


Pamela Butz
Graduation Year: 2013
Major: Music Education
Concentration: Baritone Horn

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. After having been very involved with music in my high school's music department with being the piano accompanist for the chorus and a member of the band and pep band, I had thought about music education but was nervous that I wasn't a good enough musician. After visiting the Providence College music department as a junior in high school, I decided then that music education was something I whole heartedly wanted to do and PC was the school that was going to help me accomplish that goal.

With PC having a small low brass department, as an incoming freshmen I was intimidated being one of the only few low brass instrumentalists in the department. On the contrary to me fear, the staff in the music department has been great in guiding me every step of the way. From my private lessons to rehearsals, every professor is friendly and approachable and is willing to take the time to help me to succeed musically. To be asked by name how my first semester has been going my freshmen year by a music professor that I have yet to have, truly means something to me and speaks volumes of the friendliness and music family you can expect to find in the music department.

Thus far, I have been involved with the Symphonic Winds and Jazz Big Band. After having regrettably not done PC Band my freshmen year for fear I would not have enough time to attend all the games, I am looking forward to being a member of the Pep Band (PC Band).  After having gone to many of the games to begin with and seeing how much fun each band member had, I cannot wait to play the trombone in the pep band and join in all the fun! I am also looking for to taking private lessons not only on the euphonium but the piano as well this upcoming semester.

As a musician, I have grown greatly thus far. From the friendly professor to all of my friends and peers within the department, the music department at PC truly is something special. It brings together students of all skill levels and of all majors both musically and outside of the performing arts to create something amazing, great music.


James Alcée Brodeur
Class of 2014
Major: Music Education
Concentration: Organ
The Providence College Music Department has helped transform me both musician, future teacher, and person. Music classes, organ lessons, and choral ensembles are rigorous, but enjoyable.I feel that I understand, perform, and listen to music better than I did when I first entered college.
The music education program is extremely demanding, but rewarding. The program is well structure and the Dr. Cichy and Dr. Harper are amazing coordinators! A great feature is its comprehensive nature, certifying us to teach music K-12. However, the best part is how engaging the program is. Through observation hours, practicums, and ultimately student teaching, we are given lots of classroom time. I have seen many friends go through this program and successfully teacher; I am confident and excited to be a part of this!
Finally, I have been transformed as a person. True, music has taught me more about life and myself, however this transformation has another source: the Music Department. Here, the faculty and my classmates are not only fantastic musicians,but wonderful people. People are so understanding, supportive, helpful, and kind. We are indeed a family! In this environment,the relationships and values that music instills in us can thrive. I can honestly and proudly say that I am grateful to be a member of this music department family!
I have been involved in the PC Music Department in the following ways: I Cantori (member and section leader), music theory tutor, organ accompanist for choirs. With my degree,I hope to become a high school choir director.

Zachary T. Gavry

Graduation Year: 2014
Majors: Health Policy & Management, Global Studies
Minor: Music Performance
Concentration: Violin

I first became introduced to music at Central Elementary School in Simsbury, CT. The town of Simsbury has a dedication to music education that is unheard of. Growing up with such an opportunity to excel in an exciting discipline changed the course of my life and who I am today. At home I was able to perform in advanced school ensembles, study privately within the Hartt School of Music Community Division, and build lifelong musical relationships. I excelled well with music in high school and came to see the potential of my talents post-graduation.
Once in college, music was so much a part of me that I could not let it go. Thus, I have pursued a minor in violin performance working closely with Alexey Shabalin, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory of Music. Here at Providence College, I have formed another musical community working closely with ensembles on campus as well as extending my scope of musical opportunities off-campus. The city of Providence is a creative place that focuses on the development of local and global initiatives. Music is a great part of these initiatives. The arts are not expendable in our fast-paced and economic based society. Home to many successful music programs at universities, community music programs, and the Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School, Providence emphasizes the importance of holding music close to the heart and mind.
As a Global Studies and Health Policy & Management double major, one might think that music represents a whole other realm of academic enrichment. However, if one looks closely they may discover the contrary. Through music, a universal language that connects all people, the borders of our globalizing world can be broken. The Providence College curriculum for both music and other academics areas impressively hones this diverse perspective on the necessity for equality and understanding of other cultures. Through the college, I have been able to pursue all of my passions while they positively enhance the lives of others. Finding yourself at Providence College to me has meant the eclectic mixing of various disciplines to create a whole and unique person. To those who consider a music class even as an elective at one point in their course of study, I recommend one to transform their musical curiosities into grounded realities. This may be done through the Providence College Department of Music. In the fall of 2012, I am studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. There I will be playing in an orchestra at the University of Copenhagen. My post collegiate plan as of now is to enter the work force and eventually go onto professional school to study law.


Caitlin Hagarty
Class: 2015
Major: Music Education
Concentration: Flute
I have always lived with music in my life. Both of my parents are music teachers therefore it made sense that I follow that same path. I made the decision to become a music education major my freshman year of high school and developed a plan to follow since then. Providence College fit perfectly. I knew that Providence College was the school for me as soon as I started the tour.
During the summer going into my junior year I visited the campus and more importantly the music department. My parents and I were wandering around the music offices when we meet Dr. Cichy. Not only did she say “Hi,” but also took the time to show us the requirements for the music education major and also talked about the classes individually.
Now as a Providence College music education student, the personal encounters with the professors are not just a one-time thing, they happen all the time. The professors in this department truly care about the well being of their students. My experience with Dr. Cichy has been re-experienced with every professor in the department.
At my time here, I have participated in the Symphonic Winds Band, and the Jazz Band. I have had wonderful experiences in both of these ensembles. The students and the professors make each rehearsal something to look forward to. Although my days are long, every day ends with a rehearsal that usually puts me in a better mood. The music department here truly is a family.
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