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Hot Topic:
2014 Winter Olympics and
International Security 


Dr. Douglas Blum, professor of political science at Providence College

In a recent report from the BBC, United Kingdom government officials are warning that terrorist attacks in Russia are "very likely to occur" in the run-up to, or during, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi where 88 countries will be competing.  

There are concerns there could be female suicide bombers at large, known as "black widows" since they were reportedly married to slain insurgents.

The United States is taking security at the Sochi Olympics very seriously, posting two of its warships offshore in the Black Sea, offering "unspecified air assets", deploying FBI agents and sharing counter-terrorism intelligence with Russia.

Dr. Douglas Blum is a professor of political science at PC. He can provide expert analysis on Russia and international security concerns for the 2014 Winter Olympics. To speak with him directly, please contact Chrissy Centazzo at (401)-225-0028, or


Meet Out Expert:

Dr. Douglas Blum,
professor of political science;
Teaching at PC since 1990
  • Globalization
  • Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus
  • International Security
Selected Courses Taught:
  • International relations
  • Politics- the former Soviet Union
  • Globalization 
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Public Affairs, Community and Government Relations
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