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Providence College Commencement 2012
Weekend Addresses​


davisaddress.jpgProvidence College Commencement Address
May 20, 2012 : By Viola Davis

You know, when John Garrity [’73; PC associate professor of theatre arts] picked me up from the airport, I said, “Oh my goodness, I’m so nervous I’m going to be speaking in front of 1,200 people”, and he said, “Try a little bit more than that.”  And I thought, “NOOOO!!” 

But really, I am so honored to be here, to impart my infinite wisdom, and I mean that facetiously, at your birth, beginning, start, threshold, genesis, kickoff, launch, commencement.  And I have to say that the content of my speech would have sounded totally different ten years ago, pre-marriage, pre-baby, pre-the passing of my father, pre-midlife. 


Shanman.jpgProvidence College Commencement Homily
May 19, 2012 : By Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P.

How fitting it is that our Gospel this evening is taken from Jesus’s Farewell Discourse in the Gospel of John. It is the night before he is to die and at this momentous hour Jesus turns to his Father in prayer, not for himself, but for us. This high priestly prayer sums up Jesus own understanding of the deepest purpose of his life and his heart’s desire for us. His farewell prayer is the perfect farewell Gospel for you.



Providence College Commencement Academic Awards Ceremony (Student Address)
May 19, 2012 : By Michael A. Wahl and Emma Wright

mikewahlspeaking.jpgFather President, Distinguished Guests and Honorees, Administrators, Faculty, and Staff, Parents, Relatives, and Friends, And Members of the Providence College Class of 2012:
Think all the way back, if you can, to our first semester of freshman Civ, when we learned from Aristotle that “excellence lies in the mean.” While this seems a relatively simple ideal, Aristotle warns us – and our own experience confirms — that finding the mean, achieving a balance, is not always so easy. The mean in which excellence lies is not a mathematical average; it is not a calculation; it is not even the same for each of us. The mean lies in knowing ourselves and being able to judge wisely about what is to our benefit and what is not. Achieving excellence is a delicate balancing act – one which requires much wisdom and which must be learned from the models of good teachers, through experience, and only after much practice. 

Catholic and Dominican

What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
About Providence College's Catholic and Dominican Identity