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Library Policies

​​​Computer and Printer Use Policies

Effective Fall 2010, all public computers and printers on campus require authentication. There is a select cluster of public computers available for guest use on the main level of the library (near the Research Assistance Office).  Please see a staff member at the Circulation Desk or in the Research Assistance office for assistance accessing a public computer.  Note, access to computers may be restricted to PC patrons only during peak times during the semester.  Please see a staff member at any service desk for assistance or view our Visitor Policy.


PC Prints is a print release system put in place as part of the College's green initiatives. It is designed to help reduce the amount of waste caused by the public printers on campus. It requires all users to use their PC Card or a Visitor Card.

Undergraduate day school students, because they pay a technology fee, will receive a limited number of free print jobs. Their PC Prints account is set to $40 at the beginning of each semester. This will allow between 500 and 800 free black and white print jobs. Once the PC Prints funds have been used up, the students will need to use PC Cash.

Graduate and SCE students will be required to purchase a Visitor Card and make sure it has a balance in order to print.
Faculty and staff will continue to receive unlimited print jobs to the public printers.

Public Printing is now available by authentication or by purchasing a Guest card only.  Guest cards may be purchased for $1 from the card machine in the Copier area on the Main Level.  Guest cards may also be used on library copiers.  Balances on guest cards may also be replenished in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, etc., but the machine does not make change. 

Printing costs:

Single-sided black and white - $0.08/page
Double-sided black and white - $0.05/page
Single-sided color (if available) - $0.50/page
Double-sided color (if available) - $0.25/page

To print from your own computer visit the iHelp site within the MyPC Portal to download printer drivers to your device.

Wireless Access:

Visitors are not able to use the wireless network at this time. If you believe you should have access to the wireless network, please see a staff member at any service desk for assistance.

Providence College has established an Acceptable Use ​Policy that provides guidelines and rules for the use and misuse of all campus technology resources. This policy is enforced and should be read in full and adhered to when utilizing campus technology resources. This policy is subject to change and should be reviewed often.  All users of Phillips Memorial Library resources must comply with this policy. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of library privileges.

Cell Phone Use:

The Phillips Memorial Library recognizes there are occasions when patrons need to use their cell phones in the library. However, ringing phones, loud conversations, and conversations in inappropriate places make library use difficult for many people.

The following guidelines should be followed:

Turn all ringers to silent or vibrate as soon as you enter the library.

Limit cell phone conversations to the following areas in the library:

  1. The lower level near the vending machines
  2. The main level near the copy machines and the lobby area
  3. The upper level near the copy machine and elevator

Conversations should be brief and conducted in a low voice. Please be aware that library staff will determine if your conversation is at an appropriate level and may ask you to end the call or leave the building to continue your conversation if you are unable to keep your voice at an acceptable level.

Because most of the periphery of the upper level is level is intended for quiet or refl​ective study, we ask that cell phones not be used for conversation in these areas.

Texting is always an acceptable silent option.

Food and Drink in the Library 

Snacking is permitted in the Phillips Memorial Library. Vending machines are located on the lower level of the library.

All beverages must have a lid. Soda cans and open cups are not permitted.

Snacking is encouraged to take place on the lower level.

Food should be limited to snacks. Hot foods or food associated with meals (such as sandwiches, pizza, etc.) are not permitted in the library.

Please be considerate of the people around you and the people who will use your workstation after you. If you wish to have a snack or beverage in the library, it is your responsibility to pick up and dispose of your trash properly in the one of the many trash receptacles provided throughout the library.