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PC Prints

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What is PC Prints?

PC Prints is a print release system put in place as part of the College's green initiatives. It is designed to help reduce the amount of waste caused by the public printers on campus. It requires all users to use their PC Card or a Visitor Card.

Are students charged for printing?

Undergraduate day school students, because they pay a technology fee, will receive a limited number of free print jobs. Their PC Prints account is set to $40 at the beginning of each semester. This will allow between 500 and 800 free black and white print jobs. Once the PC Prints funds have been used up, the students will need to use PC Cash.

Graduate and SCE students will be required to purchase a Visitor Card and make sure it has a balance in order to print.

Faculty and staff will continue to receive unlimited print jobs to the public printers.

How much do print jobs cost?

Black & White, Single-sided - $0.08
Black & White, Double-sided - $0.05
Color, Single-sided - $0.50
Color, Double-sided - $0.25

All costs are per page of your document, or per printed side of the paper.

Where can I buy a Visitor Card?

Accinno Hall, first floor near soda machines
Phillips Memorial Library, first floor near copiers

Where can I add PC Cash to my card?

Accinno Hall, first floor near soda machines
Davis Hall, lower level lounge near Friar Buyer
Phillips Memorial Library, first floor near copiers
Slavin Center, lower level outside McPhail's

PC Cash can also be added in Student Account in Harkins 400 or online at the PC Card website.

Can I print from my own computer?

Yes! Simply download the correct drivers linked below.

Windows 32-bit

HP Laserjet (black & white)
Xerox (color)

Windows 64-bit

HP Laserjet (black & white)
Xerox (color)

How to Determine Windows Version


Download (link takes you to the MyPC Portal)


Do I need Windows 32-bit or 64-bit?

Go to the Control Panel.
Choose System.
In the System section, you should see  System Type, which will tell you if you have 32-bit or 64-bit.

My card isn't working. What can I do?

You can see someone in the Helpdesk in Accinno 115 or at the TecHub or Circulation Desk in the Library who can release your job for you.

The printer malfunctioned while printing my job. Can it be reprinted?

Yes! See someone in the Helpdesk in Accinno 115 or at the TecHub or Circulation Desk in the Library who can reprint your job for you.

Printer Locations and Features

​Building ​Room/Area ​Printer Type
​Accinno Hall ​100 ​HP Laserjet
101​ ​HP Laserjet, Xerox
​202 HP Laserjet​
​207 HP Laserjet​
​Albertus Magnus Hall
102​ HP Laserjet​
​Davis Hall Lower Level Lounge​ Xerox​
​Feinstein Academic Center ​205 ​HP Laserjet
​Harkins Hall
334​ Xerox​
​Howley Hall 321​ HP Laserjet​
​322 ​HP Laserjet
​Koffler Hall ​118 HP Laserjet​
​Phillips Memorial Library
1st Floor​ HP Laserjet​, Xerox
​2nd Floor ​HP Laserjet
​E-Classroom ​HP Laserjet
​OAS Computer Lab ​HP Laserjet
​OAS Study Hall ​HP Laserjet
​OAS Tutoring Center ​HP Laserjet
​OAS Writing Center ​HP Laserjet
​TecHub ​Xerox
​Slavin Center
​1st Floor ​Xerox
​Sowa Hall ​233 ​HP Laserjet
​Sullivan Hall ​103 ​HP Laserjet

HP Laserjet printers are Black & White only.

Xerox printer are Color and Black & White.

All printers can print double-sided. Computers in our labs, in the Library, and in classrooms will default to printing double-sided. If you install the drivers on your own computer, it will NOT default to double-sided. You must change this setting manually on your own computer.


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