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The question is asked often. “What can I do with a Humanities major?”

The answer is simple: Any job that will require you to read and understand difficult material, that expects you to write clearly and compellingly, and that demands effective communication skills. In other words, your career options are endless.

Now, of course, some jobs call for particular skills — such as engineering, social work, or accounting — and there are majors and graduate degrees in those subjects. Yet, success in most jobs will also include mastering the skills that are at the heart of the humanities major: reading, writing, speaking, learning a foreign language, and of course, thinking.

Being a humanities major allowed me to study everything I was interested in without restricting me with specific requirements.  Its flexibility granted a further exploration in my love for writing, as well as a development in my curiosity for American Sign Language. It gave me the opportunity to discover my passions, which has undeniably helped me in every aspect of my life.

Lauren Spagnuolo ’13
Teaching Fellow
Northfield Mount Hermon School 

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Dr. James F. Keating Ph. D
Humanities Program Director
St. Catherine of Siena Hall 224

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