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Todd Olszewski

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Service Building 225


Ph.D. - Yale University

Area(s) of Expertise:

History of medicine and health policy; biomedical sciences and translational medicine; health advocacy

Selected Publications:

Olszewski, Todd. (2014). "The Causal Conundrum: The Diet-Heart Debates and the Management of Uncertainty in American Medicine". Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Oxford University Press.

Recent Presentations:

Olszewski, Todd., American Association for the History of Medicine, Chicago, IL, "Session: Contemporary Histories of Medicine". May, 2014.

Olszewski, Todd., American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, APHA, Boston, MA, "Cardiovascular Epidemiology and the Rise of the Heart Healthy Diet". November, 2013.

Olszewski, Todd., The Guffey Lecture in the History of Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS, "Cholesterol, Risk, and the Politics, of Science". April, 2013.

Olszewski, Todd., American Association for the History of Medicine Annual Meeting, AAHM, Baltimore, MD, "Session Chair: Understanding Heart Disease". April, 2012.

Olszewski, Todd., Health Activism in the Twentieth Century: A History of Medicine Symposium, Yale University, New Haven, CT, "An Uneasy Marriage: Health Activism, the NIH, and the Politics of Biomedical Research". October, 2010.

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