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Immersion Programs

​​​​​The Honors Program strives to expand learning opportunities for students well beyond the classroom. The program sponsors several excursions for students and faculty each year to local museums, theaters, and concerts.

More ambitiously, the program sponsors an annual Spring Break excursion abroad (preceded by informal lectures by faculty on the sites they will visit). In recent years, students and faculty have traveled to:

  • Greece (2011) 
  • Vienna and Munich (2010) 
  • Rome (2009) 
  • London and Paris (2008) 
  • Madrid and Seville (2007) 
  • Dublin and Galway (2006) 
  • Rome and Florence (2007) 
  • Paris (2004)

During these immersion experiences, students enrich their academic studies by visiting renowned cultural and historical sites such as the Parthenon, the ruins of ancient Ephesus, the Coliseum, Chartres Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel, Versailles, the Great Mosque of Cordova, the Louvre, the Prado, Dachau concentration camp, Omaha beach, and the train station in Madrid.

Not only do students learn far more about the very places they have heard and read about in Honors Western Civilization and other courses, but (more importantly) they are inspired to learn more, to understand the past and present more deeply, and to feel an intimate connection with humanity at large, both the living and the dead.

For students, these excursions abroad are moments of explosive personal and intellectual growth.