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D. Colin Jaundrill


Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Ruane Center for the Humanities 128


Ph.D. - Columbia University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Modern Japanese History, East Asian History

Selected Publications:

Jaundrill, D. Colin. (2012). Military Reform and the Illusion of Social Mobility in Bakumatsu-era Chōshū . Early Modern Japan: An Interdisciplinary Journal, The Ohio State University. 20

Recent Presentations:

Jaundrill, D. Colin., Japan Studies Association of Australia, Melbourne, Australia, "Paper: The Amur River Runs through It: Empire and the Historiography of the Satsuma Rebellion". July, 2011.

Jaundrill, D. Colin., Association of Asian Studies/Early Modern Japan Network, Philadelphia, PA, "Paper: Three Bushels of Rice: Outcaste Status and Soldiering in Bakumatsu Choshu". March, 2010.