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Photo of faculty memberAssociate Professor
Director, Associate Director, CTE

Contact Information:
Sullivan Hall 114


Ph.D. - Economics Boston University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Economics of education, Economics of crime

Selected Publications:

Dills, Angela., Hernandez-Julian, Rey. (2014). Religiosity and State Welfare. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization104, 37-51.

Carratini, Julianna., Dills, Angela., Mulholland, Sean., Sederberg, Rachel. (2012). Catholic Schools, Competition, and Public School Quality. Economics Letters117 (1), 334-336.

Dills, Angela., Hernandez, Rey. (2012). Negative Publicity and Catholic Schools. Economic Inquiry50 (1), 143-152.

Dills, Angela., Morgan, Hillary., Rotthoff, Kurt. (2011). Recess, Physical Education, and Elementary School Student Outcomes. Economics of Education Review30 (5), 889-900.

Dills, Angela., Hernandez, Rey. (2011). More Choice, Less Crime. Education Finance and Policy6 (2)

Recent Presentations:

Dills, Angela., Public Choice Society, Charleston, SC, "Paper: Price Increasing Competition: Evidence from Higher Education". March, 2014.

Dills, Angela., Southern Economic Association, Tampa, FL, "Paper: Contraception Insurance Mandates, Fertility, and Health;". November, 2013.

Dills, Angela., Southern Economic Association, Tampa, FL, " Paper: The Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Alcohol Consumption". November, 2013.

Dills, Angela., Rotthoff, Kurt., Annual Meeting, Eastern Economic Association, New York, NY, "Price Increasing Competition: Evidence from Higher Education". May, 2013.

Dills, Angela., Eastern Economics Association, New York, NY, "Paper: Price-Increasing Competition: Evidence from Higher Education; Discussant: Health Behaviors; Board Member: Editorial Board of the Eastern Economic Journal ". May, 2013.

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