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PC Winter Session 2016

Dear Student,
If you are considering taking a course over winter break, please follow the directions below. Winter session courses are permitted for make-up or academic supplement, and are not intended to advance your status. You remain bound by the College’s graduation requirement of 8 semesters of full-time study (this requirement varies for transfer students). It is strongly recommended that you arrange for winter session course approval and registration prior to your departure for winter break.


Approved Course Listing: If you are taking a Providence College winter session course, you must select the course from those listed below.  It is expected that you fully understand how the course will fit into your program of study and meet your degree requirements. Please take special care to notice your class year as it relates to course equivalency.

Approval from Class Dean: Once you have identified a winter session course you would like to take, please schedule a meeting with your class dean by calling 401.865.2495, or simply come to the Dean’s Office in Harkins 213 to schedule a meeting. Your class dean will review your academic progress and grant formal course approval.
Registration and Payment: When meeting with your class dean, you will complete the Winter Session Course Registration Form (available in the Dean’s Office). You CANNOT register in CyberFriar for winter session. Payment or proof of payment for the course ($990) is due at the time of registration. Online courses have an additional fee of $70. Registration forms will be processed by the School of Continuing Education (SCE) in the order in which they are received in Harkins 109.

Special Note for Student Athletes: Please ensure that you have the proper approval from the Athletic Department and/or Academic Services to register for a winter session course.    

PC 2016 Winter Session Course List



Academic Requirements: First consult your academic advisor, class dean, and/or your CyberFriar audit evaluation to determine your unfulfilled degree requirements.

Transfer Course Database:  Next, after consulting winter session courses which are available at another accredited college or university, use this link: to identify one or more specific courses that you believe will fulfill one of your requirements.  If the course you are interested in taking is not in the transfer database, this means it has not yet been articulated for transfer to PC. In this case, you must bring or email a course syllabus to the Office of Enrollment Services in Harkins 310 ( The course will then be reviewed to determine whether it is an appropriate course for transfer to Providence College. You will receive an email at your PC address informing you of the outcome of the transfer course review.
Approval from Class Dean: Once you have found courses that will be accepted for transfer, please schedule an appointment with your class dean in Harkins 213 (phone 401.865.2495) to fill out the Course Approval Form. 
Registration & Transcript:  You must then register at the college/university for the approved course, and ensure that an official transcript is sent to the Dean of Enrollment Services at Providence College (Harkins 310) upon successful completion of the course. “Successful completion” means earning a “C” or better. Please remember that while credits for the approved course and its PC equivalent will be included on your PC transcript, the grade will be recorded as a “T” and will not affect your GPA.
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