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Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar

2009: Are We Free?


Seminar Participants:

Deborah Johnson, (Seminar Leader) Art and Art History
"How Do We Welcome Art and Its Power in a Free Society?: The Parameters of Freedom in
21st Century America"

Christopher Arroyo, Philosophy
"Untangling the Knots: An Examination of the Historical-Philosophical Roots of the Contemporary
Free Will Debate"

Maia Bailey, Biology
"Evolution, Determinism and Free Will"

Lydia Barovero, Foreign Language Studies
"The Question of Freedom in Puerto Rico and the Impact on Identity: A Literary Humor Approach"

Dana Dillon, Theology
"Free to Flourish: Human Freedom and Moral Theology"

Anthony Esolen, English
"Filial Freedom: Liberty, Dominion, and Obedience in Milton's 'Paradise Lost'"

Robert Hackey, Health Policy & Management
"Markets in Health Care: Is Choice a Solution of Part of the Problem?"

William Hudson, Political Science
"Political Freedom, Public Policy, and Catholic Social Teaching"

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