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Center for International Studies
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Study Abroad ​​Programs By Region

When it comes time to decide which education abroad experience you want to participate in, the options can be a bit daunting. However, since your time abroad has the potential to be a life-changing experience, it deserves a great deal of thought.

Please note that your major may require you to choose from a specific list of recognized programs:
The following majors are REQUIRED to choose a program from their major list:
  • Business
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • Elementary/Special Education
  • Foreign Language
  • Global Studies
  • Women's Studies
  • Health Policy Management
The following majors are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to choose a program from their major list:
  • Biology
  • Theater, Dance and Film
  • Psychology
  • Mathematics
If your major is not listed above, you may choose from any of the programs listed on our website.  Please use the navigation to the left to browse all programs by region.​ 


Factors to Consider

There are many factors to take into consideration-type of program, location, and coursework to name just a few. In order to help with the process, the Center for International Studies has compiled a list of questions for you to consider when reviewing the program options.
  • Is there a geographical location that I am interested in?
  • What do I really want to get out of this experience? (i.e. language skills, international perspective on my field of study, cross-cultural experience, adventure, new perspective on potential career, resume builder)
  • What language skills do I have? What is the language of instruction? (Remember, you do not always have to know the host country language to study abroad there)
  • Do I prefer a large city or small town?
  • Do I prefer a large university or small university?
  • Do I want or need to take classes for my major, minor, core requirements, or electives?
  • When do I graduate? (If you plan to study abroad close to your planned graduation date, please
    consult with the Assistant Dean of International Studies)
  • Do I want to study with a group of Americans, or would I prefer a more independent experience?
  • Do I want to live with a host family, in an apartment or house with other Americans/international students, or in a university residence system?
  • Am I interested in studying for a summer, semester, or year?
  • Do I want to travel on planned excursions or primarily on my own?
  • Do I plan to do additional travel before or after my program?
  • What is my budget?
  • What are my interests, hobbies, and passions?



Catholic and Dominican

What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
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