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Kathleen Cornely


Contact Information:
Sowa Hall 225


Ph.D. - Nutritional Biochemistry; Cornell University

Area(s) of Expertise:

General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nutritional Biochemistry

Awards and Honors:

"F21" Faculty for the 21st Century - Project Kaleidoscope
Graduate Fellowship - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Outstanding Young Women of America -
Graduate Professional Opportunities Program Fellowship -

Selected Publications:

Pope, Welkin., Anders, Kirk., Baird, Madison., Bowman, Charles., Boyle, Michelle., Broussard, Gregory., Chow, Tiffany., Clase, Kari. (2014). Cluster M mycobacteriophages Bongo, PegLeg and Rey with Unusually Large Repertoires of tRNA. Journal of Virology, American Society of Microbiology. 88 (5), 2461-2480.

Pratt, Charlotte., Cornely, Kathleen. (2014). Essential Biochemistry. John Wiley & Sons,,

Cornely, Kathleen. (2013). ConfChem Conference on Case-Based Studies in Chemical Education: The Use of Case Studies in an Introductory Biochemistry Course. Journal of Chemical Education, American Chemical Society. 90 (2), 258-259.

Cornely, Kathleen., Moss, David. (2010). Foundations of Chemistry: Applying POGIL Principles by David Hanson. Pacific Crest.,

Cornely, Kathleen. (2003). Content and Conflict: The Use of Current Events to Teach Content in a Biochemistry Course. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, Eds. Donald Voet and Judith Voet. Wiley. 31 (3), 173-176.

Recent Presentations:

Cornely, Kathleen., Scola, Shelby., Lebel, Eric ., 6th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, The Science Education Alliance of HHMI, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Ashburn, VA, "Isolation and Characterization of Mycobacteriophage ZoeJ, a K2 cluster phage". June, 2014.

Cornely, Kathleen., SEA-PHAGES Symposium & Advanced Analysis of Bacteriophage Genomes Workshop, Ashburn, VA, "Isolation and Characterization of Mycobacteriophage ZoeJ, a Novel K2 Cluster Phage". June, 2013.

Cornely, Kathleen., American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) , Boston, MA, "Undergraduate Poster Organizing Committee". April, 2013.

Cornely, Kathleen., American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, San Diego, CA, "Editorial Board Meeting: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education Journal; Chair: Undergraduate Poster Competition; Advisor: Undergraduate Affiliates Network". April, 2012.

Cornely, Kathleen., American Society for Biology and Molecular Biology: Student-Centered Education in the Molecular Life Sciences, Richmond, VA, "Poster Discussion Sessions". July, 2011.

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