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John Breen


Associate Professor
Department Chairperson,

Contact Information:
Sowa Hall 224


Ph.D. - Pennsylvania State University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Analytical and Physical Chemistry

Awards and Honors:

Chair, Safety Committee - Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center

Selected Publications:

Ullman, Andrew., Liu, Yi., Huynh, Michael., Bediako, D. (2014). Water Oxidation Catalysis by Co(II) Impurities in Co(III)4O4 Cubanes. The Journal of the American Chemical Society, Washington D.C.: The American chemical Society. 136 (50), 17681-17688.

Mohn, Emily., Lee, Jung-Min., Beaver, Christopher., Tobbe, Gerri. (2014). Interactions of Cytochrome c with N-Acylated Phosphatidylethanolamine Lipids. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A,

Symes, Mark., Lutterman, Daniel., Teets, Thomas., Anderson, Bryce. (2013). Photo-active Cobalt Cubane Model of an Oxygen-Evolving Catalyst. ChemSusChem, 6 (1), 65-69.