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Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-6:00pm
Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm
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PC Executive Mentor Program

The Providence College Executive Mentor Program helps to develop a strong connection between PC students and successful business and community leaders. During the mentorship, students are provided with opportunities for educational and career development as well as insight into leadership and professional competencies necessary for success. The PC Executive Mentor Program has the potential to impact how our students evaluate career opportunities and may help to link students with professional opportunities upon graduation.

Your Involvement

The level of involvement during the two-year relationship will vary based on a mutual agreement between the mentor and student. The Center for Career Education & Professional Development plans events and offers suggestions on ways to connect and provide guidance. Being a mentee allows you the opportunity to connect with your mentor as well as their colleagues – it allows you to have various avenues of support!

On-Going Assistance

  • Receive advice and guidance from your mentor
  • Have a chance to shadow your mentor
  • Attend a business meeting with your mentor

Additional Assistance

  • Invite your mentor to deliver a presentation to a class or club
  • Partner with other mentee and their mentor to go to an event and dinner
  • Ask your mentor for a referral  to other professionals for networking opportunities
  • Run a 5k race together (sometimes a "meeting" can just be fun!)

Schedule of Events

  • November: PC Basketball Game  (meet other pairs and watch a game from the PC Suite!)
  • December: Attend Fr. Shanley's President's Council Christmas Program
  • April: Annual Dinner & Networking Reception
  • April: Give back to the community by participating in FUSION

Become a Mentee

Students apply to have a mentor in the spring of their sophomore year. If matched to a mentor, the student will officially begin thier 2 year mentorship when the start their junior year in September.

Class of 2019 stay tuned for the list of mentors in the spring of 2017!