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Deirdre Bird

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Koffler Hall 223


Ph.D. - Marketing, Minor: Econometrics Purdue University

Area(s) of Expertise:

International Marketing, Brands, Nonprofit Marketing

Awards and Honors:

Community Engagement Award - Providence College School of Business
Scholarship Collaborator Award - Providence College School of Business

Selected Publications:

DeFanti, Mark., Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen. (2012). Consumer Perception of Luxury Fragrance Brand Advertising: Measuring the Relative Impact of Brand and Sub-Brand. Competition Forum, Eds. Abbas J. Ali, Prashanth Bharadwaj. 10 (2), 130-135.

Bird, Deirdre., DeFanti, Mark., Vaghi, John., Caldwell, Helen. (2010). Men's Luxury Watch Market: Sex Appeal and Status in Advertising. Competition Forum, Eds. Abbas Ali, Robert Camp, Prashanth Bharadwaj. 8 (1), 148-152.

Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., DeFanti, Mark. (2010). The Quest for Beauty: Asia's Fascination with Pale Skin. Business Research Yearbook, Eds. Oglesby, Rodney A., H. Paul LeBlanc, Marjorie G. Adams. Vol 17 (1), 26-32.

DeFanti, Mark., Caldwell, Helen., Bird, Deirdre. (2009). Assessing the Influence of Models, Bottles and Brands on Consumers’ Preference of Fragrances. Business Research Yearbook, Eds. Rodney A. Oglesby and Marjorie G. Adams. 16 (1), 73-80.

DeFanti, M., Caldwell, Helen., Bird, D. (2008). Indebted to Luxury? Marketing Luxury Brands in South Korea. International Academy of Business Disciplines.,

Recent Presentations:

DeFanti, Mark., Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., Conference on Historical Research in Marketing, Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, Copenhagen, Denmark, "Forever Now: Gucci's Use of a Partially Borrowed Heritage to Establish a Global Luxury Brand".

Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., International Academy of Business, IUP, San Diego, California, "Halston: A Global Phenomenon". April, 2014.

Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., 25th Annual Conference of the International Academy of Business Disciplines, Atlanta, Georgia, "In the Heart of Africa: A World Away from Poverty, the Luxury Market Thrives". April, 2013.

Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., American Society for Competitiveness 23rd Annual Conference, Washington, DC, "The Challenges and Opportunities of Marketing Luxury Goods in Brazil". October, 2012.

Caldwell, Helen., Bird, Deirdre., DeFanti, Mark., International Academy of Business Disciplines 24th Annual Conference, Long Beach, California, "Gucci: "Forever Now"". April, 2012.

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