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Graduate Programs Financial Information

​Graduate Programs Financial Policies

  • All tuition is due at the time of registration.
  • If you are receiving financial aid, registration is contingent upon having completed a FAFSA form prior to registration.
  • All third party authorizations (including employee letters) must be submitted to the Bursar's Office, Harkins Hall, Room 400 within 48 hours of online registration. If registering in person, a copy of the letter must be submitted at the time of registration.
  • Providence College tuition remission authorizations must be completed with Human Resources prior to registration.
  • Any student that receives Providence College tuition remission must pay all lab fees and distance learning fees at the time of registration.
  • Failure to comply with the above policies will result in being dropped for non-payment.
  • Any student re-registered for classes from which they have been dropped for non-payment, will be charged a $100 re-registration fee.




Tuition per Credit M.B.A.$600.00$630.00
​Tuition per 3 Credit Course (M.B.A.)​​$1,800.00​$1,890.00
​Tuition per credit Education​$390.00​$420.00
​Tuition per 3 Credit Course (Education)$1,170.00$1,260.00
​Tuition per Credit (History)​​​$390.00​​​$410.00
​Tuition per 3 Credit Course (History)​$1,170.00$1,230.00
​Tuition per Credit (Mathematics)$390.00​​$410.00
​Tuition per 3 Credit Course (Mathematics)$1,170.00​​$1,230.00
​Tuition per Credit (Theology)$390.00​​$410.00
​Tuition per 3 Credit Course (Theology)​​$1,170.00​​$1,230.00



​Application Fee​$55.00
​Graduation Fee *​$210.00
​Late Registration Fee​$150.00
  *Paya​ble with submission of Intent to Graduate form

Refunds of Overpayments

  • If a student has a credit balance on their account, they can request a refund of overpayments by contacting the Bursar's office by emailing us at  Please include: student name, banner id, amount being requested, where to send check (if not to be picked up in Harkins Hall).

  • Refunds for the current semester may be requested once a student's aid has been disbursed to their account and a credit balance exists.  Please note that most financial aid is not posted until after the course schedule adjustment period in order to confirm a student's full-time status and eligibility for financial aid.

  • Please check your account on Cyberfriar before requesting your refund to confirm your aid has been disbursed.

  • Once a refund is requested, checks will be available approximately two weeks from the receipt of the request.

  • Please note requested refund amounts based on financial aid are subject to adjustment based on review & approval by the Financial ​Aid office. 

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Student Accounts: (401) 865-2284
Student Loans: (401) 865-2050
Fax Number: (401) 865-1988  

Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday, 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

During the Summer, Providence College offices close at  2:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Mailing Address:

Office of the Bursar
Providence College
1 Cunningham Square
Providence , RI 02918