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Black Studies

Black Studies

The Mission

Our program is committed to promoting and encouraging scholarship that is designed to challenge multiple forms of oppression both within the U.S. and globally. The program engages in various activities intended to encourage students to critically think of knowledge production and to aim them with the necessary tools to critique such production.

Our program offers a strong grounding in the African Diasporic past as well as present. We study the unique cultures, collective experiences and connections within the African Diaspora so that students gain a better understanding of American society and the world we live in.

In addition to the academic benefits of obtaining the minor, students enjoy the extra-curricular experiences, such as movie series, guest speakers, and an array of community activities. Upon graduation, students receive Kent a stoles to mark their achievement.


In 1995, the Black Studies Program at Providence College was developed – a collaborative effort between students, staff, and faculty – to provide clear and accurate knowledge about African Diasporic communities of Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe, within the framework of a liberal arts education.

As an academic minor, this interdisciplinary and multicultural course of study takes a scientific and systematic look at the African Diasporic communities' contemporary state, history and traditions, unique culture, collective experience, and antecedent connection with Africa, African history. The program thus provides all students with a better understand of American society today and the world we live in.

Teaching and research are directed toward the understanding and critical analysis of African Diasporic and African-American communities' worldview, core beliefs, structures of relationships, patterns of moral and ethical discourse, political thought and action, experience of and response to racism, cultural motifs, and historical foundations, both within the United States and globally. 

Students who minor in Black Studies develop an additional set of analytic and research tools that help them to understand human needs across race, gender, class, and national boundaries. This minor can be paired with many different majors at Providence College, including global studies, economics, and political science. Many of the courses in the Black Studies Program also are cross-listed in departments such as sociology, social work, history, economics, political science, music, art history, and education and English.