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David Baier


Photo of faculty memberAssociate Professor

Contact Information:
Sowa Hall 223


Ph.D. - Brown University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Vertebrate Biomechanics and Paleontology

Selected Publications:

Baier, David., Gatesy, Stephen. (2013). Three-dimensional skeletal kinematics of the shoulder girdle and forelimb in walking Alligator. Journal of Anatomy223 (5), 462-473.

Baier, David., Gatesy, Stephen., Dial, Kenneth. (2013). Three-Dimensional, High-Resolution Skeletal Kinematics of the Avian Wing and Shoulder during Ascending Flapping Flight and Uphill Flap-Running. PLoS ONE8 (5), e63982. Public Library of Science.

Recent Presentations:

Baier, David., Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Charleston, SC, "Paper: A New Look at the Avian Wishbone". January, 2012.

Baier, David., Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Pittsburgh, PA, "Paper: 3-D Skeletal Kinematics of Wing-Assisted Incline Running (WAIR) in Adult Chukar Partridges (Alectoris Chukar): Linking Skeletal Morphology and the Wing Stroke". October, 2010.

Baier, David., International Congress in Vertebrate Morphology, Punte del Este, Uruguay, "X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology". July, 2010.

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