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Mark Nowel

​​​Cell Biology, Developmental Biology

Associate Professor 


  • Ph.D.  University of Leicester,  1979
  • M.S.  Georgetown University,  1975
  • B.S.  Georgetown University,  1974
  • M.Div.  Pontifical Faculty Immaculate Conception,  1985

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Courses taught:


My research interests over the years have centered on animal development, specifically the optic nerve and compound eye development in hemimetabolous insects, and on the development of bioluminescent organs in marine animals. 

Recent Publications: 

  • Gaten, E., P.M.J. Shelton, and M.S. Nowel (2004) Contrast enhancement through structural variations in the rhabdoms of oplophorid shrimps. Marine Biology 145, 499-504. 
  • Gaten, E., P.M.J. Shelton, and M.S. Nowel (2003) Interspecific variations in the morphology and ultrastructure of the rhabdoms of oplophorid shrimps. 
  • J. Morphology 257, 87-95. 
  • Nowel, M.S., P.M.J. Shelton, P.J. Herring, and E. Gaten (2002). Observations on the cuticular photophores of the sergestid shrimp Sergia grandis (Sund 1920). Crustaceana 75, 551-566. 
  • Nowel, M.S., P.M.J. Shelton, and P.J. Herring (1998). Cuticular photophores of two decapod crustaceans, Oplophorus spinosus and Systellaspis debilis. 
  • Biol. Bull.195, 290-307. 
  • Nowel, M.S., P.M.J. Shelton, and R.O. Stephen (1995). Functional organization of the metathoracic femoral chordotonal organ in the cricket Acheta domesticus. 
  • J. Exp. Biol. 198, 1977-1988.