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Class Volunteers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Class Ambassado​​r Progr​am

The Class Ambassador Program​ is designed to build excitement, create opportunities for engagement, and bring awareness about the events, news and programs for Providence College.  The goal is to create an effective and efficient volunteer program to benefit each graduating class and the College.​

Class Agent P​rog​ram​

The Class Agent Program is designed to build excitement, encourage participation, and create awareness about the need for philanthropic support for Providence College.  The goal is to create positive and successful energy around giving back to PC in non-reunion years with a focus on raising support for the Annual Fund (PC Fund, Angel Fund, Friars Forever Fund).​

Class Ambassadors

Class of 1954
Albert West,

Class of 1956
Paul Fournier,

Walter Adamowicz,

Class of 1959
Jim Sullivan,

Class of 1960
Leo Fox,

Peter Bortolan,

Class of 1961
Tom Donovan,

Class of 1962
Dave Lussier,

Class of 1963
James O'Leary,

Tom Murphy,

Class of 1964
Bob Dugan,

Class of 1967
John Mitchell,

Class of 1971
Everett Gabriel,

Charles Borkoski,

Class of 1972
David Martinelli,

Paul Lenahan,

Paul Whalen,

Class of 1973
Michael Donohue,

Class of 1979
Debra Ozug,

Class of 1980
Karen Monti Flynn,

Class of 1982
Paul Grossman,

Class of 1983
Meg McAward,

Class of 1984
Susan Derouin,

Sean Holley,

Class of 1987
Karen FitzGerald Kipfer,

Class of 1990
Pamela Greene,

Kerry McManus,

Class of 1992
Chris Breen,

Michele Consiglio,

Class of 1993
Jennifer O'Meara,

Class of 1994
Jim Kane,<

Christian Potts,

Class of 1998
Todd Incantalupo,

Matt Potter,

Class of 1999
Craig Nicholson,

Sean McHugh,

Class of 2000
Diana Cassidy,

Class of 2001
Melissa Moore,

Class of 2002
Leslie Heller,

Class of 2003
Cristy Raposo,

Class of 2007
Shane Quinn,

Jonathan Driscoll,

Class of 2008
Katelyn MacLean,

Sarah Digirolamo,

Class of 2009
Shannon Brown Shimer,

Kieran Murray,

Class of 2010
Jacquie DeSisto Mazick,

Class of 2011
Amanda  Mathieu,

Class of 2012
Jenna Borkoski,

Kara Flynn,

Tom Nailor,

Kevin Smith,

Class of 2013

Emily Foster,

Katie Ferris,

Margo Sheehan,

Matthew Condon,

Kaitlin Falls,

Danica Lynch,

Class of 2014
Jacqueline Stimola,

Abigail Alegi,

Michaela Ferreira,

Erin Frates,

Laura Hasler,

Jennifer Celli,

Mark Caprio,

Class of 2015
Alyssa Rohmann,

Matthew Pavia,

Bobby Arruda,

TJ Hoban,

Griffin Young,

Class of 2016
Samantha Wagner,

Brigid Flaherty,

Jacqueline Luciano,

Stephen Kozak,

Kelley Garland,

Michael Silveira,

Class of 2017
Gretchen Barrett,

Andrew Konnerth,

Patrick  Rogers,

Nick Sailor,

Kerry Smith,

Nicole Vaughan,

Class Agents

Class of 1962
Tom Vest,

Class of 1965
John McElroy,

Class of 1966
Tom Carty,
Ed Dayton,

Class of 1971
Chuck Borkoski,

Class of 1972
Joe Meny,

Class of 1974
Ken Binder,

Class of 1976
Mark Patterson,

Class of 1979
Ed McLaughlin,

Class of 1980
Patricia Saint Aubin,

Class of 1981
Maryellen Gilroy,

Class of 1982
Larry Brown,
Cheryl Morrissey,

Class of 1984
Steve Sypek,

Class of 1985
Peter DiBiasi,

Class of 1986
Marty Gilligan,

Class of 1991
Tim Doherty,

Class of 1994
Kathy Calnan,

Class of 1996
Leslee DuPont Ruggeri,

Class of 2000
Sean Lenahan,

Class of 2001
Melissa Moore,
Danny Richer,

Class of 2005
Jeff Goff,
Brady Moore,

Class of 2006
Hugh Keefe,

Class of 2007
Courtney Hanks,
Matt MacNeil,

Class of 2009
Meghan Brookes,

Class of 2011
Nick Mikula,

Class of 2014
Brooke Petit,

Class of 2016
Aileen Collins,
Brigid Flaherty,