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Office of Academic Services

2nd level of the Phillips Memorial Library
Phone: 401-865-2494

Staff Contacts:
Jennifer Rivera
Assistant Director for Disability Support Services
Phillips Memorial Library, Room 227
Phone: 401-865-1121

Jonathan Gomes
Associate Director for Tutoring and Disability Services
Phillips Memorial Library, Room 229
Phone: 401-865-2470

Nicole Rozzero
Graduate Assistant
Phillips Memorial Library, Room 228
Phone: 401-865-1215


In the event that a professor is not able to accommodate a student’s non-standard testing request, the Office of Academic Services (O.A.S.) has a quiet testing room available.  The student and the professor should follow the guidelines below.


To schedule an exam, please use our online form, call 401-865-2494, email or stop by Library 250. All testing accommodations must be approved by your professor.

  • The student must notify the O.A.S at least two school days prior to the exam date in order to secure a room and proctor.  Students may not be allowed to take exams in the O.A.S. if they do not provide appropriate notification.  

  • If a computer is needed, the student must notify the O.A.S. prior to each exam.

  • The student is responsible for reminding the professor about the exam in the O.A.S. and for reminding the instructor to deliver the exam prior to the scheduled time.

  • If a student is unable to take the exam at the scheduled time, he or she should contact the professor directly.  The student should also notify the O.A.S. about any changes in the exam time. If the student fails to show up at the assigned date/time, the test will be returned to the professor.

  • Any instances of suspected cheating will be reported directly to the professor.  In the event that cheating behaviors are observed, the exam will be stopped and collected at once.  Cheating may result in the suspension of your privilege to take exams in the O.A.S.

  • If the student arrives late the day of the test, he/she will not be given additional time at the end of the testing period.


  • Professors are asked to drop off their test the day before it is to be administered.

  • If the professor sends the test with the student, it must be placed in a signed/sealed envelope.

  • Professor  must inform the O.A.S. as to how and where the test should be returned.

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