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Office of Academic Services

2nd level of the Phillips Memorial Library
Phone: 401-865-2494

For additional information:
Jennifer Rivera
Assistant Director for Disability Support Services
Phillips Memorial Library, Room 227
Phone: 401-865-1121

Nicole Rozzero
Graduate Assistant
Phillips Memorial Library, Room 228
Phone: 401-865-1215



I.    Student Self Discloses Disability

The student must first disclose that he/she has a disability before any services or accommodations can be provided.

II.    Documentation of Disability

The student must provide documentation to verify his/her disability; the documentation may include psycho-educational testing, medical reports, or clinical reports.  The College prefers that documentation of a learning disability be no more than three years old.  Older documentation may not accurately indicate what services and accommodations the student will need.

III.    Review of Documentation

The Disability Support Services Coordinator will review all documentation of a student’s disability.  When necessary, a team consisting of various administrators, faculty, and staff will also review the documentation.  The Disability Support Services Coordinator and/or the team will determine if there is a disability condition that limits the student’s participation in the educational program at the College based on the diagnostic information provided.

The Assistant Director for Disability Support Services and/or a designee of the review team will then meet with the student to discuss potential accommodations.  One of the following will be determined:

A.  Accommodations Approved

The documentation supports the need for accommodations.  Accommodations are coordinated between student, faculty, and disability support services coordinator in the Office of Academic Services. In general, accommodations are not granted retroactively; they are only granted from the time of disclosure.

B.    Further Documentation Needed

The documentation does not clarify or specify the student’s disability.  The team needs additional testing to determine if a disability condition exists and what services and reasonable accommodations will be needed.

C.    No Disability Condition

The team determines that the student does not have a disability condition that would warrant any services or accommodations.

If a decision is made that there is no evidence of a disability condition that warrants accommodations, the student may appeal to the 504/ADA compliance officer.

D.    Disability Condition

The team determines that a disability condition does exist and services and accommodations would be available.  The student then decides if he/she wants any services or accommodations.  An accommodation plan is then designed with the student. The plan is reviewed and revised on a semester basis due to the changes in the student’s schedule.

A student may also decide that he/she does not want any services at this time. The student’s progress will be monitored while he/she remains a student at the college, in accordance with such monitoring for all students.

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