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Multiple Choice Exams Quick Tips

  • Try the cover up method: After reading the question, cover up the answers with a piece of paper, try to answer the question without looking at the answers, and then slide the paper so you can see the answers one at a time only. This can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by looking at all of the answers at once and will encourage you to read each answer carefully.
  • Start with the questions that you can answer right away: This will help in managing your time for the exam. If you come to a question you are unsure of or feel it will take some more time, circle it, and go back to it later.
  • Treat each statement as a true/false answer: By taking each answer and evaluating it against the question you will have to ask yourself, “does the answer fit the question?” Each question and answer then becomes its own true/false question.
  • Cross-out each answer that is incorrect: This will help obviously, by the process of elimination.
  • Watch out for the double negatives (same as the True/False Tips).
  • Words such as “always,” “never,” and “only” are frequently incorrect: There are few statements that have no exception.
  • Watch out for the statement, “all of the above”: Those are usually correct, but … if one of the statements is incorrect then you have just eliminated two possible answers right away (that specific answer and “all of the above”).

If It Comes To Guessing

  • and it involves numbers, throw out the highest and lowest numbers (also, look for the most rounded number- this would end with a “0”).
  • go with the longer of the statements remaining because it maybe providing more information.

Multiple Choice Examples – Circle The Best Answer

1. In order to be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame a batter should have at least ______________ hits.

  1. 2400
  2. 3000
  3. 240
  4. 2570

2. Potassium is:

  1. never found in red meat.
  2. the only chemical necessary for pH balance.
  3. should never be combined with Vitamin C.
  4. abundant in many fruits and vegetables.

3. The North was victorious in the Civil War because:

  1. they had a more advanced railroad system than the South.
  2. they were better soldiers than the South.
  3. they were aided by Mexico.
  4. all of the above


1. B: Throw out the highest and the lowest numbers and go with the more rounded one.

2. D: The first three answers have absolutes in them.

3. A: The second answer is false so that eliminates both B and D since C was a distracter (it has nothing to do with the answer).

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