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​Appealing Decisions of the CCC

In those cases in which the Core Curriculum Committee (CCC) has rendered a final negative response to a proposed course for the core curriculum, the proposer, in conjunction with his or her department chair (or program director), may file an appeal.​

The appeal will be sent to the CCC, who will then set up a two-person committee consis​ting of the provost and a former member of the CCC. After discussing the case with the CCC, as well as the proposer, the provost and faculty member will render a decision in writing. Only when both members agree that the course should be approved is the prior decision of the CCC successfully appealed. The decision will be final. The chair of the CCC will inform the relevant parties of the approval. The appeal should take no more than a month from its filing to the final determination.

Foundation/Proficiency Objectives

The following is a list of objectives for each Core Curriculum foundation and proficiency. We hope you find them useful when you’re preparing to submit a course for approval to the CCC.

Core Curriculum Course Approval Forms

​​​​​​​​​​Please use the forms below to propose courses for counting toward the Core Curriculum.


1. Select the appropriate form

2. Open the pdf and complete all information above the dotted line

3. When all fields are complete, save the form [please use the course subject and number in the filename of the saved form]

4. Email​ with the completed form and your syllabus/syllabi attached.

5. Please feel free to contact Laura Hauerwas​, CCC Chair, with any questions related to content

Please click here to view a "model" proposal.

Approval Forms 

To access the forms below, right-click on the link and save to your desktop. You will be able to open the forms from there. 

Foundational Component