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​Core Curriculum Committees

​Core Curriculum Administrative Implementation Team

Chair: Dr. Sheila Adamus Liotta
Yvonne D. Arruda
Dr. Brian J. Bartolini
Charles J. Haberle
Dr. Laurie L. Grupp
Dr. James F. Keating
Dr. Hugh F. Lena
Dr. Vance G. Morgan
Rev. Mark D. Nowel, O.P.
Margaret M. Ruggieri

Core Curriculum Committee

Chair: Dr. James F. Keating
Dr. Laura Boynton Hauerwas
Jillian M. Kiernan ’12
Dr. Thomas R. King
Dr. Lynne M. Lawson
Taylor C. Smith ’13
Dr. Sheila Adamus Liotta, ex officio
Dr. Vance G. Morgan, ex officio
Dr. Brian J. Bartolini (CCC consultant)
Dr. Michael L. Hayes (CCC consultant)

Humanities Building Program Committee

Chair: Charles J. Haberle
John P. Garrity
Dr. Bruce E. Graver
Dr. Sheila Adamus Liotta
Dr. Stephen J. Lynch
Dr. Margaret M. Manchester
Dr. Vance G. Morgan

Development of Western Civilization Advisory Group

Leader: Dr. Vance G. Morgan
Dr. Paola Cesarini
Dr. Fred K. Drogula
Dr. Sandra T. Keating
Dr. Jennifer Illuzzi
Dr. Ian Levy
Dr. Stephen J. Lynch
Dr. Patrick MacFarlane
Dr. Alexander Moffett

Catholic and Dominican

What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
About Providence College's Catholic and Dominican Identity