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nietzsche.jpgDr. Anthony K. Jensen, associate professor of philosophy, had his book, Nietzsche’s Philosophy of History, published in August by Cambridge University Press. 




urbano book.jpgDr. Arthur Urbano, associate professor of theology, had his book, The Philosophical Life: Biography and the Crafting of Intellectual Identity in Late Antiquity, published by The Catholic University of America Press in October.


Dr. David Baier, associate professor of biology, had his article, “Three-Dimensional Skeletal Kinematics of the Shoulder Girdle and Forelimb in Walking Alligator,” published in the Journal of Anatomy in 2013. He also had his article, “Three-Dimensional, High-Resolution Skeletal Kinematics of the Avian Wing and Shoulder during Ascending Flapping Flight and Uphill Flap-Running,” published in PLoS ONE in 2013.

Dr. D. Russell Bailey, director of the Phillips Memorial Library, had his article, “Digitalna narodna biblioteka Amerike - podrška SAD-a Svetskoj digitalnoj biblioteci"  (in English: “- The Digital Public Library of America - US Contributions to the World Digital Library,)  published in Savremena biblioteka (Contemporary Library) in 2013.

Dr. Christopher Bloom, associate professor of psychology, had his article “Face to Face Versus Facebook: Does Exposure to Social Networking Web Sites Augment or Attenuate Physiological Arousal among the Socially Anxious?” published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking in November.  He also had his paper, “A Discriminated Conditioned Punishment Model of Phobia,” published in Neuropsychiatric Disease & Treatment in June.

In addition, he had his article, “Behavioral Assessment of Visual Deficits in the Taiep Mutant” published in Neuropsychiatric Disease & Treatment in August.

Dr. Laura Boynton Hauerwas, associate professor of education
, had her article, “Specific Learning Disabilities and Response to Intervention: State Level Guidance,” published in Exceptional Children in 2013.  She also presented her paper, “Impact of Educational Experiences Abroad, Intercultural Horizons Conference,” at the Intercultural Horizon's conference in Siena, Italy, in October.

Brother Patrick Carey, CFC, Ph.D., director of the PACT Program, had an article entitled “Renewal of Catholic Schools through the University Consortium” published in the November edition of NCEA Notes.

Erik Chaput, special lecturer of history in the School of Continuing Education, co-authored the article “The Influence of Providence's Merchants during the Ratification of the Constitution, 1787-1790” for the City of Providence’s archives in 2013.  He also received a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation to edit a digital collection of the Henry A.L. Brown Deposit at the Rhode Island Historical Society. Chaput also wrote a commentary piece entitled “A Website Brings Narratives of Slavery Out of the Past” for the Providence Journal.  He also wrote a book review entitled “Lincoln’s Tragic Pragmatism: Lincoln, Douglas, and Moral Conflict by John Burt” for the Journal of the Civil War Era in 2013.

Dr. Cedric de Leon, associate professor of sociology, had his book, Party and Society: Reconstructing a Sociology of Democratic Party Politics, published by Polity Press in December.

Dr. Richard Grace, professor of history, was notified that his book, Opium and Empire: The Lives and Careers of William Jardine and James Matheson, has been accepted for publication by the McGill-Queens University Press (Montreal). Publication will be scheduled for the fall of 2014.

1Greene.gifDr. Robin J. Greene, assistant professor of history, had her article, “(Un)Happily Ever After? Literary and Religious Tensions in the Endings of the Apocryphal Acts of Paul and Thecla" in The Ancient Novel and Early Christian and Jewish Narrative,” published in Fictional Intersections this past summer.

Charles Haberle, assistant vice president for academic affairs, had a book review of The Essential Department Chair: A Comprehensive Desk Reference (Second Edition) [Josey-Bass, 2012] published in the Winter 2014 edition of The Department Chair.

1Hoag.gifDr. Jeffrey Hoag, associate professor of mathematics, had his article “Existence and Uniqueness of a Local Solution for  x’ = f(t,x) using Inverse Functions” published in the Electronic Journal of Differential Equations this August.

Dr. Anthony K. Jensen, associate professor of philosophy, had his article “Historians on Nietzsche on History” published in Nietzsche-Studien in November. His article, “From Natural History to Genealogy,” was published in Texturen des Denkens in November. Another article, “Nietzsche and Historiography,” was published in Nietzsche im 19. Jahrhundert. Natur-, geistes-, und sozialwissenschaftliche Kontexte in October. Jensen also had his translation, “Das Nietzsche-Forum-München,” published in the Journal of Nietzsche Studies in November.

Dr. Leo Kahane, professor of economics, had his article, "Understanding the Interstate Export of Crime Guns: A Gravity Model Approach," published in the July 2013 issue of Contemporary Economic Policy. The article also was chosen by the CEP editorial team to receive the 2013 Best Article Award.

Dr. Nicholas Longo, associate professor of public and community service studies, had his paper, "Deliberative Pedagogy in the Community: Connecting Deliberative Dialogue, Community Engagement, and Democratic Education," published in the Journal of Public Deliberation in 2013. He also had his paper “Deliberative Pedagogy and the Community: Making the Connection” published in Higher Education Exchange.

Dr. Timothy A. Mahoney, associate professor of philosophy, had his paper "Accounting for Just Wages: A Proposal" included as a chapter in the book, Christian Ethics and Corporate Culture: A Critical View on Corporate Responsibilities.

Dr. John B. Margenot III, professor of Spanish, wrote an article entitled, “Huellas sin rastro: Trauma en La lluvia amarilla.” The article appeared in Ojáncano: Revista de Literatura Española in 2013.

1mecca.gifDr. Stephen Mecca, professor of physics, had his paper entitled “Application of GSAP Microflush Toilets: A Sustainable Development Approach to Rural and Peri-Urban Sanitation” published in the book Ecosystems and Sustainable Development IX in 2013.  He also had his paper “Pathogen Removal Options: Emphasizing SOLDIS for the Filtrate of a GSAP Microflush Toilet” published in the book Water and Society II in 2013.

Dr. Seann P. Mulcahy, assistant professor of chemistry, and his student, Jonathan G. Varelas, had their paper, "Three-step synthesis of an annulated beta-carboline via palladium catalysis," published in Tetrahedron Letters in November.

Dr. Sharon Murphy, associate professor of history, had her book entitled Investing in Life: Insurance in Antebellum America released in paperback in October. She also had her three-volume collection of documents and essays entitled “Anglo-American Life Insurance, 1800-1914” published by Pockering & Chatto in 2013.

1o_connor.gifDr. Kevin O’Connor, assistant professor of secondary education, in association with Christina D’Angelo ’12, had their paper “Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Middle School Students” published in Educational Studies in October.

Dr. Jeffrey Pugh, assistant professor of political science, had his paper “The Short-Term ‘Bridge Model’ Study Abroad Program: Peacebuilding in Latin America” published in Political Science & Politics in October.

Dr. Arthur Urbano, associate professor of theology, had his paper, “Tailoring Rhetoric: Verbalizing Philosophical Dress in the Second Sophistic" published in The One Who Sows Bountifully: Essays in Honor of Stanley K. Stowers (Brown Judaic Studies, 2013).

Dr. Anthony Zavagnin, assistant director of PACT, had his article “Room for Debate” published in America magazine in November.

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