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​FALL 2010


Chelminski.jpgDr. Piotr Chelminski, associate professor of marketing, presented a paper entitled "Encouraging Complaining Behavior Among Global Consumers" at the Global Marketing Conference in Tokyo, Japan, in September 2010.

Dr. James J. Tattersall, professor of mathematics, presented "Bringing Mr. Jefferson into the Classroom" at a session on the history of mathematics and its use in the classroom at the Mathematical Association of America's MathFest in Pittsburgh, Pa., in August. In October, Tattersall, gave a talk on "Multiplication Algorithms" at the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics Americas Section 2010 West Coast Meeting at the California Institute of Technology.


Dr. Thomas J. Guilmette, professor of psychology, co-authored an article with Eric Y. Drogin and Leigh D. Hagan. "Science rather than advocacy when reporting IQ scores," appeared in the October issue of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.

Dr. Ronald L. Jelinek, assistant professor of marketing, co-authored three papers for three different journals in September. "Be Careful What You Look For: The Effect of Trait Competitiveness and Long Hours on Salesperson Deviance and Whether Meaningfulness of Work Matters" appeared in the fall issue of the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

"From Clear to Complicated: Buying and Selling Accounting Services Post Sarbanes-Oxley" appeared in Business Horizons and the Harvard Business Review. Lastly, "All Hands on Deck: Becoming a More Relational Firm in the Post Sarbanes-Oxley Era" appeared in The CPA Journal.

Dr. Vivian O. Okere, associate professor of finance, had article entitled "Prospect theory modeling of risk/return in oil and gas production in the outer continental shelf" published in the September issue of the Journal of International Business and Economics.


Dr. Thomas J. Guilmette, professor of psychology, was appointed to the editorial board of The Clinical Neuropsychologist for 2011. The publication is the official journal of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology.


Dr. Ekkachai Saenyasiri, assistant professor of finance, passed the Level III Chartered Financial Analyst test.

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