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Updated September 2015

Edited by:
Sharon Hay
Director, The Office of Student Activities

Todd Incantalupo
Associate Director, The Office of Student Activities

Successful Event Planning Handbook

Successful events don't just happen - they are the product of many hours of planning and shared                responsibility in an organization. Security does not just show up at Peterson, and the stage does not magically appear at your show. It takes organized people to attend to all of the many details related to a function. Every event you have ever attended took a great deal of planning and coordination. It is easy to identify those events which were thrown together at the last minute - the band has no microphones, the drinks are warm, and trash is overflowing from the one, lonely barrel in the middle of the barbecue. When an event looks like it was easy to plan, that's when you know how much hard work and attention to detail was involved.
This booklet was created in response to the many questions we have received over the years regarding event planning details. It includes policies, procedures and helpful information you will need when planning a function. Please use this handbook - read it through, bookmark it on your computer, and make it a main reference for your organization's activities. By using this information and consulting with our staff, you can be assured that your event will be a well-planned and enjoyable occasion for all involved.
 The Office of Student Activities staff is here to help you to plan your events. Please feel free to contact our office for clarification of the information in this guide or if you require information that is not included.  It is our goal for you and your organization to plan a fun and well run event and for your guests to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Please contact our office or stop by for assistance.
Good luck with your events!          

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