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LAS Students

ruelle.gifAnne Ruelle ’13

For me, the Latin American Studies minor coincided strongly with my interests in the Spanish language and the current conditions of people living in Latin America. Through the minor I have come to a greater understanding of the disparities in Latin American countries and the connection those often have to their relations with the United States. 

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador, I find that what I learned about politics, globalization, and the past and present of Latin America has contributed to my understanding of the situation here.

Brian Sweeney ’15

The reason I chose to minor was because I found it to be the perfect unifier for the different things I had been studying. It allowed me to explore a part of the world that has always fascinated me. The minor, and my interest in the region, was a big part of my choice to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m so excited to experience the Latin American culture, and I think LAS has played a big role in preparing me for the journey.

magali.gifMagali Garcia-Pletsch ’13

To fulfill requirements for both my major [Global Studies] and minor, I studied abroad in Cusco, Perú, and had the opportunity to visit Chile. From exploring Machu Picchu and other Incan ruins, to visiting a cemetery in Lima filled with victims of Sendero Luminoso, to roaming the interactive exhibits at the Chilean Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Santiago, things I had learned in LAS courses came rushing back to me.

Being in places, seeing artifacts, and even meeting people that I had learned about in Providence was a very grounding experience. As an American who wants to continue to travel and learn about the world, it is important to learn about the history and culture of new places, while also recognizing the complex relationships certain areas have with my own home country. Taking courses in Latin American Studies at PC was only one way to do this, but it certainly influenced my ever-transforming identity as a global citizen.

sarah-fitz.gifSarah Fitzgerald ’13

In our globalized world, we can no longer call ourselves well-rounded students without exploring the realities and complexities that lie outside of our own national borders. The Latin American Studies minor pushed me to study abroad in unconventional, yet remarkable, places and gave me the tools to see myself as a global citizen first and an American citizen second. As a recent graduate already living as an ex-pat in Spain, I can attest to the fact that the Latin American Studies minor has prepared me with cultural competency for life abroad.

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Rev. David T. Orique, O.P., Ph.D.
Latin American Studies Program Director
Assistant Professor of History
Ruane Center for the Humanities 113

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