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Research is an extraordinary opportunity to work closely with a faculty member as early as your freshman year. It’s hands-on student engagement — guiding you through the process of discovery.

Digital tools for chemistryThe laboratories in Hickey Hall are for the undergraduate research activities of students working with faculty members in the depart​ments of biology, chemistry and biochemistry, and engineering-physics-systems. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has two large, flexible, multi-user labs — one for chemical synthesis and the other for chemical measurement. Research opportunities are available during the academic year for credit and during the summer months for paid compensation.

Participation in an undergraduate research project guided by a faculty member is strongly encouraged in all programs beginning after the sophomore year. Students interested in conducting original research projects typically confer with members of the chemistry faculty in the semester prior to the time that the research is to be conducted.

​The research interests of the faculty of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are constantly changing and developing. Here are some areas of current research interest with which chemistry majors can become involved.

  • ​Design and synthesis of supramolecular compounds to facilitate the transport of biologically relevant molecules through lipid membranes
  • Synthesis and characterization of novel organometallic compounds
  • Lipid membrane surface chemistry
  • Computational organic chemistry
  • Molecular modeling of iminosugar inhibitors of carbohydrate-processing enzymes

The results of these original research projects are often presented by students and faculty at regional and national meetings of the professional societies.​

 Chemistry & Biochemistry Blog

Follow some of our research students who are navigating life in the chemistry lab  gaining hands-on training directed by faculty members.​