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Student Profiles

Providence College Student Profiles

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​While the facilities at Providence College are top-notch and the curriculum is demanding, many of our alums will tell you that the greatest part of their education at PC was their fellow classmates by whom they were surrounded.

Stefan Puente

Student profile for Stefan Puente '17 ​​​

Though he can fondly remember trips to the local Blockbuster as a child, Stefan Puente '17 (Fort Worth, TX) never saw himself with a future in film. Even as he was being cast as an extra in movies and though he spent several years signed to an acting agency, he knew he was destined to a career in business, likely getting involved in the family business of real estate. It wasn’t until he arrived at Providence College that his passion for film came to be realized. How did he end up at Providence? Well, that’s a story, too...​


Alysha Decrescenzo

Student Profie for Alysha Decrescenzo

From a young age, Alysha Decrescenzo '17 (Riverside, RI) dreamed of attending Providence College. Her father graduated from PC and, well, growing up in Rhode Island it’s hard to not hear about the College all the time. It also didn’t hurt that she attended high school two blocks from the College campus at LaSalle Academy. Though she thought this childhood dream of becoming a Friar would eventually fade, as she grew older and it was time to turn a dream into an actual college search, she realized that to receive a top notch education in education, she didn’t have to go far​.​

​​​Lindsay Ciolfi
Student Profile for Lindsay Ciolfi

Some students get involved in clubs and organizations to find a way to fill idle times of their week. Others do it to decompress from the rigors of their academic studies. For Lindsey Ciolfi ’17 (Watertown, Mass.), her extensive involvement across campus is personably enjoyable, but carries a deeper purpose through a call to serve others. The time she has spent as both the Coordinator of the PC chapter of Habitat for Humanity, as well as her experience as a Smith Fellow, have allowed her to connect with her faith and develop personally.​

​Garrett Gamez

Student Profile for Garrett Gamez

Ready to enroll at another university, an unexpected coaching change reopened the college search of Garrett Gamez ’19 (Chino Hills, Calif.). A highly touted hockey recruit, Garrett was certainly checking out the various rinks and player development facilities as he toured colleges and universities looking for a new home, but also knew that he would most thrive at a smaller school that offered the ability to form meaningful relationships with professors. Additionally, since his childhood growing up outside of Los Angeles, Garrett always had a strong faith presence to rely upon for guidance and wanted that kind of environment in college.​